Facilities and what we do

We welcome fully vaccinated dogs and puppies from 12 weeks of age including older dogs who may need more time and care.

We do, however, try to keep everything as much the same as at home for puppies with regard to food, routine, crates etc. and would advise that you come and talk to us so that we can provide the best possible care for your puppy.

We also cater for dogs with special needs and would encourage you to come and chat to us if you think that your dog may fall into this category. We also provide a daytime crèche facility. We will ask you about your dog requirements, habits, likes and dislikes, health, medication, food etc. in order that we can get to know your dog(s) and make their stay the best possible. However if you feel we have not covered any topics that are relevant to the care of your pet please make us aware.

The kennels have a heated inner section with a large outside run. Each section has a designated kitchen and specially designed grooming room. Free running in the paddocks along with play sessions and lots of cuddles are included. We maintain a high standard of cleanliness with frequent cleaning checks throughout the day.

All dogs are groomed, by our professional groomers, during their stay whether it be long or short. This ensures that his/her coat stays in good condition whilst improving the circulation and muscle tone – all very important for a sense of well-being.

Your dog will receive a daily health check where possible so that any concerns can be monitored and addressed. In addition, weight is monitored when possible, for those in over 10 days and diet is adjusted accordingly. We have secure grass paddocks, so that time can be enjoyed off lead with the opportunity to express natural behaviours.

We carry a variety of diets both dry and tinned but cannot hold all that are available on the market so please come and discuss your dog’s requirements. If your dog is on a special diet i.e. veterinary prescription please do come and talk to us about it. We aim to keep your dog’s feeding routine to very much as it is at home. We also do two treat runs a day but you are very welcome to bring additional treats if you would like to.

We do supply bedding but again some owners like to bring a blanket or something that smells of home. Toys are always very welcome but please make sure they are robust ones as soft toys tend to spend more time in our washing machines than out.

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