Facilities and what we do

Grooming is done with style at Rushwood.

Having your pet groomed is essential for their health and well being. Matted and dirty coats are at best unsightly, painful and uncomfortable and can lead to skin problems such as infections and eczema.

Most pets benefit from regular maintenance which keeps them clean, tangle free, improves circulation and muscle tone.

All our groomers are trained to City & Guilds standards.

Your cat or dog will be complimentary groomed (brushed out) during their stay and any dog boarded for over 10 days will receive a complimentary bath.

We also provide grooming for all breeds and this includes:

  • Brushing out and bathing
  • Removal of dead hair
  • Clipping
  • Stripping
  • Nails
  • Anal glands
  • Ear plucking

Please feel free to discuss all of your pets grooming requirements. We can give you an estimate via email or over the phone and a more accurate price when you bring your pet in for grooming.

Contact us about our Grooming Services

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Grooming for a particularly matted animal can take over four hours depending on coat size and condition. In these cases we may have to charge even if your pet is boarded with us due to the time involved.